Sunday, January 12, 2020

Just so you know, you're not alone...

Intense seasons produce intense responses in our home. I wish I could say my Love and I always communicate with patience, kindness and grace. But we don’t. We feel all the feels and express all the stuff.

ACTUAL cliff notes of Conversations THIS week – I’m not even kidding Monday – Sunday (today):

Chores and cash Some chores are paid, and others are not. If you want money, earn it. Grab a shovel and hit up the neighbors for work clearing snow, get your grades up because we’ll pay you for that too. A’s = $10, B’s = $5, C’s get you $0 and you will pay us $5 for D’s and $10 for F’s. Giving isn’t optional, it is mandatory. You can do more with 90% than you realize.

Family time – Games and Growth, connecting with each other is the point, even if it isn’t your favorite game. Cell phones remain a privilege. Social media is fine. And washing your hands with toothpaste for a Tik Tok video isn’t amusing to Dad and Mom if you make said video after your phone is supposed to be put away for the night and you’re supposed to be in bed.

The damaging effects of pornography – distorted understanding of intimacy and sexuality, every guy and girl in those pictures or videos is someone’s son or daughter, real people who have real purpose and value, and many are forced into that life under tragic and hideous circumstances. The adverse effects on their brains - the chemistry and addiction centers

Creating “costumes” that are not as funny as a teen brain might consider – poking fun at anyone different is NEVER funny. It speaks to your character – what you consider funny, who you could and will hurt, and how the ability to decide the appropriateness of a specific costume idea is severely compromised by age and experience.

The difference between suicidal thoughts and really just wanting to not do hard things – If you don’t really want to die, but you feel like you don’t want to deal with one more hard thing, you need to speak up. This is super important and more urgent than you think. It means you need help carrying your load and managing your heart and mind. It is only scary if you hold it in. Once you speak it out, some of the pain actually vanishes and the rest is shared with Dad or Mom, so you don’t have to deal with it alone. If you or someone you know wants to die - this is an EMERGENCY - Ask for help right away.

What really loving someone you don’t know looks like – daily choices of kindness, words of encouragement, making eye contact and smiling, and choosing the path of erring on the side of honoring people because they matter, not because they’ve earned it.

Randomness Category – discussions about sex drive, not-so-funny memes, and things that make me laugh on the inside, but I dare not snicker a bit lest they think its okay to repeat to someone outside of our nest.

Focusing on sexual identity – students who are stating they are LGBTQ as young as 11 are to be loved and focused on as people. To be clear, none of our guys struggle with caring about these dear ones. The questions come from their interpretation of how much of life is defined by your sexual identity. The struggle, wrestling with that aspect of identity doesn’t change the need for love, support and encouragement. Regardless of how they identify, that is not how they are defined. All are dear treasures created by God for powerful purpose and destiny.

So, in case that wasn’t enough, I am late getting my paper due this week because I have chosen many of these conversations over research and paper writing. I have emailed with school staff regarding learning challenges, issues relating to the above conversations, and setting up the annual meeting for Individual Education Plan (IEP) for one of our fellas. The other two 504 behavior plan meetings have been checked off the list for this year but follow up psych testing is on the calendar as of this week and counseling still to be booked.

Almost 700 words shared on the intensity of this week and it barely scratches the surface. These are mere cliff notes and not full conversations so if you find yourself concerned about the welfare of our children from what you’ve read, be assured they are not in danger and we regularly pursue professional assistance, exercise, belly laughs, inside jokes, mostly healthy eating, occasional swearing, and regular prayers of both gratitude and desperation.

May you receive this with the purpose for which it was written: You are not alone in things being hard. They are. Relationships are full of messy and painful conversations and opportunities to lean in and connect or disconnect and walk away. We are doing our best and grateful for your prayers. Thank you for your kindness in not judging or analyzing our function or malfunctions. Much Love from the trenches!

Thursday, June 27, 2019

How do I change the WORLD?!

I can't believe it's been since the end of May that I've blogged with the Five Minute Friday peeps! We get a one word prompt and cram for five minutes on that word with minimal edits - the point is to write. No pressure. No worries. Just let the words fall out that go with the prompt.

This week's prompt is WORLD.


How do you change the WORLD?!

One moment at a time. One smile. One breath. One prayer. One song. One laugh. One yes. One

When I think about it, I know the influence I have as a human in this WORLD is incremental. If I lose sight of those small increments, I will never influence the life, blessing, kindness, love, respect and joy I want to infuse into this hard place we dwell.

Sweeping tragedies, hardened hearts, acid tongues, self-hating thoughts push and shove to take authority of the WORLD around me.

But, I can choose.

One moment at a time. One smile. One breath. One prayer. One song. One laugh. One yes. One

And change the WORLD.


This song - Blesses me like crazy! I hope it blesses you too!

School, work, packing, moving, getting kids out of school, finishing PTO responsibilities, the list goes on... but, today, I'm back!

I have to write on Thursday night, because I never know what the next day will bring!

Thanks for reading!

Friday, May 24, 2019

CULTURE of Pain ____________.

Linking up with my Friend Kate on Five Minute Friday this week. Our word prompt is CULTURE. Now, five minutes of minimal edits and maximum thoughts on CULTURE.

Do I want to cultivate a CULTURE of Pain Avoidance? or a CULTURE of Pain Endurance?

If I spend my life avoiding pain,
trying to minimize pain,
rationalize self-comfort from pain,
or any other escape from walking forward through life's pain,

Then how much can I really grow?
Or set an example for ones who are watching me, learning from my responses to pain?

When I endure the pain, embracing the challenge of walking through it - I get strong, wise, tenacious, committed and focused on growing, healing and changing as I persevere.

What if that became the CULTURE I cultivated at home, with my family, friends and co-workers?

Rise up, face pain head on, moving forward, reaching for the other side -

The resolution of perseverance - becoming peace and freedom.

My experience has taught me, when I acknowledge and embrace pain I have more energy to learn and grow than I do if I spend all my energy running, coping, denying, or actively covering my pain.

Now, it's your turn to decide:

Do you want to cultivate a

CULTURE of Pain Avoidance?

or a

CULTURE of Pain Endurance?

My personal recipe for cultivating a CULTURE of Pain Endurance.